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​​Magic Years Cooperative Nursery School In Manchester-by-the-Sea welcomes preschoolers from the following communities on the North Shore  - Beverly, Wenham, Hamilton, Gloucester, Essex, Magnolia, Prides Crossing

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Magic Years Cooperative Nursery School in Manchester-by-the-sea


The Magic Years Cooperative Program is based upon the belief that the preschool years are critical in a child’s physical, intellectual, and emotional growth.  This is a time of discovery and exploration—a time in which creative potential is encouraged, self-assurance and self-confidence are developed, and children learn the social skills necessary to get along with their peers.   

Children are divided into two groups ("Dolphins" and "Starfish") based on age.  Both groups spend a considerable amount of time together as peers. The multi age experience allows the Starfish to be leaders and Dolphins to learn through modeling from their older friends. Each group has time in their own classrooms to focus on developmentally appropriate activities.

Dolphin Class
Children must be age 3 by August 31 of the enrolling school year to join the Dolphin Class. Children engage in play, games, projects, and routines appropriate for their first year in school. They learn to take turns, get along with their peers, and engage in circle time.

Starfish Class
This class is for our Pre-K children ages 4 and 5. Children experience early literacy, math, science skills. They continue to engage in hands on learning while also continuing to develop  all of the necessary skills academically and socially to be prepared for the start of kindergarten.

Tadpole Class
Now offering a few spots geared toward a younger group of children, age 2.9 by August 31. The Tadpole group joins our Dolphin class and participates in age appropriate activities, while learning from their peers and engaging in circle time. Tadpoles would be enrolled at Magic Years for 3 years before entering Kindergarten.​​ Tadpoles should be well on their way to toilet trained by the start of the school year.

Magic Years

Daily Schedule

8:30-9:15: drop off and free play (fine motor development, early letters and sounds, building)
          **Tuesday yoga 9:00
9:30-10:30: morning circle time (games, movement) , art room project
           **Thursday music 9:30-10:15
10:30- snack
11:00-11:30: movement and games
            **Thursday- library day
11:30-12: outdoor time
NOON - pick up

Afternoon Adventure
  lunch and free play
1:15-2:00: rest time
2-2:30: activity/game/movement
2:30: pick up

Discovery Play Activities Include:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Puzzles & Games 
  • Play Dough, Play Stix
  • Water/Sand/Exploratory Tables
  • Carpenter's Bench
  • Science Area
  • Role Playing "Lets Pretend" Area
  • Quiet Reading Nook

Outdoor Play, Every Day!
We know that outdoor play, nature and fresh air are key for a child's whole development, so we go outside to play every day- rain, shine, or snow! This also helps children gain skills in dressing themselves for the weather, such as putting on jackets, hats, boots and snow pants.

Magic Years’ playground is spacious with both a large grass and asphalt area. It is well equipped with safe, fun and age-appropriate play structures. There is plenty of space for games of tag, wiffle ball, baseball, street hockey, riding tricycles and playing hopscotch.